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VISION - Immersive interface technologies for life-cycle human oriented activities in interactive aircraft-related virtual products


Nowadays Virtual Reality (VR) immersion and interaction features are widely used in many engineering tasks in order to preview and simulate a lot of expensive and time-consuming activities.  In aircraft design, efficient execution of man-in-the-loop simulation tasks has been highly appreciated as a means for assessment of the aircraft's usage during its lifecycle.

The objective of VISION is to specify and develop key interface features in fundamental cornerstones of virtual reality technology, namely in

(1) photorealistic immersive visualization and

(2) interaction.

The technological achievements of VISION will enhance the realism of the digital human-in-the loop VR simulations and optimize the human-virtual product integration.

More specifically, the VISION project aims to develop advanced Virtual Reality based simulation functionality in support of the design and ‘virtual prototyping’ of critical aircraft-related products.

VISION Approach 2

VISION is funded by the EU, under the FP7, thematic area: Transport (including aeronautics)

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